About us

Many of us have been playing bocce for much of our lives in our backyards or beaches with our families.  Bocce is a very unique game that everyone can play no matter their age, gender or athletic ability. Bocce is a very easy game to learn and you can go from a beginner to expert very quickly.  Our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere where it’s easy for people to meet and have fun.

We like to promote socializing while enjoying the wonderful game of Bocce . This league was created to give people a chance to try something new while meeting new people and having a great time doing it. After our games all of our players are invited to grab enjoy dinner and drink specials at our sponsor bars. We take great pride in making this fun for everyone involved and always love hearing new idea’s to improve our league. Please feel free to contact us, and thank you for making Cap Bocce the best!

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